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Dear Prof. Michaels,
the elephant who remembers his former births is also a topos in  
several Jain narratives, e.g. the white elephant who is carrying  
Vimalavāhaṇa because of their friendship in a former life  
(Vasudevahiṇḍī p. 157, Triṣaṣṭiśalākāpuruṣacarita 1.2.140-142 etc.),  
or the elephant who saw the ascetic Sīhacanda, remembered his former  
birth as king Sīhaseṇa (the father of Sīhacanda), was instructed by  
the ascetic and spent the rest of his life in meditation  
(Vasudevahīṇḍī p. 256) - to mention only two instances.
Kind regards,
Anna Esposito

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> Dear all,
> a friend asked me, whether I now the origin of Malraux’s following  
> epitaph: “The elephant is the wisest of all the animals, the only  
> one who  remembers his former lives; and he remains motionless for  
> long periods of time, meditating thereon.-BUDDHIST TEXT”. It’s in  
> Malraux’s Anti Memoirs.
> I have no clue. Anybody of you?
> Axel Michaels
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