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Dr.Michaels,Truly enough, elephant finds a special place in the various anecdotes related to Buddha's birth.According to some, Mahamaya , Siddharth Gautam Buddha's Mother( Queen to King Suddhodhana, Buddha's father) dreamt of a white elephant entering her womb before Buddha's birth.(or, elephant making their way out of her womb, according to others) The Hatigumpha cave in Orissa, India, depicting two elephants forging their way out of a mountain cave, is related to Buddha's birth anecdotes.Elephant has a significant place in Buddhist iconography.
                Alakendu Das.

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Dear all,
a friend asked me, whether I now the origin of Malraux’s following epitaph: “The elephant is the wisest of all the animals, the only one who  remembers his former lives; and he remains motionless for long periods of time,
 meditating thereon.-BUDDHIST TEXT”. It’s in Malraux’s Anti Memoirs.
I have no clue. Anybody of you?
Axel Michaels

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