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Madhav: you seem to make no distinction between ‘normal’ North Indian names such as the ones for which you give examples, and the cases with which Jonathan starts (Lokesh Chandra, Raghu Vira) which I have understood to be Arya Samaji names (single Sanskrit compound words) without any patronymic/inherited element. I’d like to know more about Arya Samaji names, and I’d also love to see an explanation of the name Har Dayal.

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Dear Colleagues
A colleague asked me a question that, rather than rush an answer, has made me turn to your collective wisdom.
I have been rather pedantic that Lokesh Chandra is one name, and thus not to be cited as Chandra, Lokesh. OK, I think this is completely correct (ditto for his father Ragu Vira, not Vira, Ragu).
My colleague however has asked me about Har Dayal. Wikipedia tells me that his name is Lala Har Dayal Singh Mathur. OK, but in English at least he published under Har Dayal, so my colleague's question is whether the "family name" is Dayal, or Har Dayal, or as I interpret the question, whether we should put reference in a bibliography as Dayal, Har, or rather Har Dayal.
Thank you for enlightening the ignorant!


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