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Dear Christophe,

Thank you very much for finding all this additional bibliographic
information. Very interesting (and inspiring) about the Scheut Memorial
Library that you provided a link to. Thank you also for attaching a scan of
Rahder's article from *Acta Orientalia* giving the seventh bhūmi and its
commentary by Vasubandhu (I seem to have misplaced my photocopy of it from
his thesis).

While on this topic, it may be worthwhile to note that Rahder's edition of
the *Daśabhūmikasūtra* was based on seven paper manuscripts. Kondo's
edition was based on eight paper manuscripts, four of which are different
from the ones used by Rahder. The two very old manuscripts reproduced by
Matsuda Kazunobu indicate the need for a new Sanskrit edition of this
text (*Two
Sanskrit Manuscripts of the **Daśabhūmikasūtra**, Preserved at The National
Archives, Kathmandu*. Bibliotheca Codicum Asiaticorum, 10. Tokyo: The
Centre for East Asian Cultural Studies for Unesco, The Toyo Bunko, 1996).
Interestingly, as Matsuda points out, neither of these two have the verses,

On the English translations, besides the one made by Megumu Honda that
Potter referred to in the quotation you gave from him (I have a scan of
this ready at hand if anyone needs it), and the two new ones made from the
Chinese by Bhikshu Dharmamitra that I referred to, there is one included in
Thomas Cleary's complete translation of the *Avataṃsaka-sūtra* from
Śikṣānanda's Chinese published as *The Flower Ornament Scripture: A
Translation of the Avatamsaka Sutra*, 3 vols., 1984-1987 (1-vol. edition,
1993), as chapter 26. However, Bhikshu Dharmamitra points out in his
Translator's Introduction (p. 22) to his translation of the
*Daśabhūmika-sūtra* from Śikṣānanda's Chinese translation of the
*Avataṃsaka-sūtra*, chapter 26, that Cleary's translation

"appears to instead be a loose translation of the P. L. Vaidya Sanskrit
edition of the *Daśabhūmika Sūtra*. Hence his supposed translation of this
chapter has little if any relation to Śikṣānanda's Chinese edition."

It may be noted that Bhikshu Dharmamitra has included the Vaidya edition of
the Sanskrit in Roman transliteration (from the Digital Sanskrit Buddhist
Canon Project) at the back of both of his translations of the
*Daśabhūmika-sūtra* from the Chinese. He has correlated this to his
translations by adding to them the alphabetical section headings (A, B, C,
etc.) from the Vaidya Sanskrit edition, which originated with the Rahder
edition. Vaidya's edition is based on Rahder's edition (see Vaidya's
Introduction, p. 1). It is not exactly a "revised" edition, as Potter
loosely termed it, since Vaidya did not have any additional materials from
which to revise it. He apparently did not have access to Kondo's edition.

Best regards,

David Reigle
Colorado, U.S.A.

On Tue, Feb 4, 2020 at 10:59 AM Christophe Vielle <
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> Dear David,
> For clarification, I add here the University of Louvain (KU Leuven)
> reference to an exemplar of Rahder's 1926 Ph.Thesis (the exemplar is
> located in the rich "Scheut Memorial Library", in the name of the
> East-Asia missionary congregation:
> Author
> Rahder, Johannes (Author)
> <>
> Creation Date
> 1926.
> Publisher
> Leuven : Istas,
> Coverage
> p. 213-256: Dasabhumika-Sutram, seventh stage
> Format
> XXVIII, 99, 216-256, 28 p.
> Description
> Dissertation note :
> Acad. proefschrift doctor in de Lett. en Wijsbeg. Rijksuniv. Utrecht
> So as noted in the reference from the "Dutch Studies in South Asia, Tibet
> and classical Southeast Asia" web-page (quoted below), the printing of the
> thesis was in Louvain with the same printer J. Istas. It is in fact nearly
> the same exemplar as the SBÉO (Geuthner) published one, except the cover
> and the additional pages "216-256" corresponding to the "second part"
> issued in Acta Orientalia 4, 1926, pp. 214-56 [there would exist a reprint
> of the latter in "SPJP [? not in the abbr. table] 581-623" according to
> Potter BIPh 81.1.3]; I attach here a scan of the AO publication.
> After a quick checking, the pages published in *Le Muséon* (then also
> printed by J. Istas, later managed by Peeters Publ.) 39, 1926, p.
> 125-252, correspond exactly to the part 1 (and only this first one) of the
> printed thesis and the book. In fact there was a double pagination in *Le
> Muséon* for this article, also paged 1-128.
> Muséon pp. 125-152/1-28 = Book pp. I-XXVIII
> 153-252/29-128 = 1-[100]
> (so the Appendice, pp. 1-28 is not in *Le Muséon*)
> There is a review of Rahder's thesis by C. A. F. Rhys Davids in The
> Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland no. 1
> (Jan., 1927), pp. 160-162.
> K. Potter in EIPh t. 8, 1999 (Buddhist Philosophy from 100 to 350 AD) p.
> 738 fn. 271, adds that "this work is available in Sanskrit and edited by
> Ryuko Kondo (Tokyo 1936; Kyoto 1983). An older edition by Johannes Rahder
> (Le Muséon 39, 1926, 125-252) is available as revised by P.L. Vaidya
> (Buddhist Sanskrit Texts 7, Darbhanga 1967). It has been translated into
> English (including the quotations in our summary) by Megumu Honda in
> "Annotated translation of the Daśabhūmika Sūtra (*revised by Johannes
> Rahder*)" in D. Sinor (ed.), Studies in South, East and Central Asia
> (presented to Prof. Raghu Vira) (New Delhi 1966), 115-276. — see also for
> these references, BIPh 81.1.
> For completing Rahder's bibliography on the Dutch Studies page, for the
> references:
> • 1931 - “The gāthās of the Daśabhūmika Sūtra (Gatha Portion).” *The
> Eastern Buddhist* (?).
> It was a joint publication with Shinryu Susa, issued in two parts in the
> journal *The Eastern Buddhist *(Kyoto: Eastern Buddhist Society): pp.
> 335-359 for the [Part I]. The second part 'The gāthās of the
> Daśabhūmika-Sūtra (concluded)" was in *The Eastern Buddhist* VI, 1 (
> April 1932) pp. 51-84. For viewing the two parts together (as the
> offprint was):
> or
> • 1928 *- Glossary of the Sanskrit, Tibetan, Mongolian and Chinese
> versions of the Daśabhūmika-sūtra*, Paris (Buddhica: Documents et travaux
> pour l’étude du Bouddhisme 2,1).
> This was issued in Paris: Paul Geuthner. See
>  and
> But of course all these texts are made available on your website (as I saw
> after writing)!
> Daśabhūmika-sūtra [Dasabhumikasutra], ed. J. Rahder, prose, 1926:
> dasabhumika_sutra_1926_prose.pdf
> <>
> Daśabhūmika-sūtra [Dasabhumikasutra], ed. Johannes Rahder and Shinryu
> Susa, gāthās, 1931-1932: dasabhumika_sutra_1931-32_gathas.pdf
> <>
> Daśabhūmika-sūtra [Dasabhumikasutra], glossary, J. Rahder, 1928:
> dasabhumika_sutra_glossary_1928.pdf
> <>
> Daśabhūmika-sūtra [Dasabhumikasutra], ed. Ryūkō Kondō, 1936:
> dasabhumika_sutra_1936.pdf
> <>
> Thank you for this.
> Best wishes,
> Christophe

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