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Dear Martin,

here is a reference to northern and southern fires in the context of
wedding preparations. The fires are explained by Devapāla as
non-sacrificial (*laukika*).

*Kāṭhakagṛhyasūtra* 19.3:

[...] vā *dvāv agnī* prajvālya dvau paśū upākaroty aryamṇe dakṣiṇaṃ,
prājāpatyam *uttaram* ।

(Devapāla’s Bhāṣya)

[...] *laukikau* *dvāv agnī** prajvālya dvau paśū *chāgau
kanyāsaṃskārārtham *upā*kuryāt । paśukalpavat । ekam *aryamṇe dakṣiṇa*
bhāgavartiny agnau, dvitīyaṃ prajāpataye *uttara*digbhāgavartiny agnau [...]

(Quoted from Raik Strunz' forthcoming edition).

Best wishes,


Am Fr., 17. Mai 2019 um 13:37 Uhr schrieb Martin Gansten via INDOLOGY <
indology at list.indology.info>:

> I wonder if anyone has come across the word *udagagni*, or some other
> compound meaning 'northern/upward fire', other than in the ritual context
> of sacrificial fires? I am not at all sure what it means, but it is
> mentioned (in the astrological work Hāyanasundara, v. 166) together with
> lightning and thunder (and enemies):
> syāt ketuyutadṛṣṭaś cet kujo vidyudbhayaṃkaraḥ | syān meghagarjanād bhītiś
> codagagniripor api ||
> (The Sanskrit of the HS is not very elegant, and I don't think *udagagniripoḥ
> *is anything more complicated than a dvandva, despite the singular
> inflection. It could even be a scribal error för *udagagne[ḥ] ripoḥ*.)
> Thanks in advance for any suggestions,
> Martin Gansten
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