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Dear Walter,

Thank you for the KGS excerpt. From the general tenor of the 
Hāyanasundara (which contains no other ritual references), though, I 
would be surprised if this /udagagni/ turned out to refer to any sort of 
ritual fire. It is tempting to emend the text (I can think of several 
neat solutions), but all witnesses agree in reading /codagagni-/. All 
witnesses, that is, of the text *quoting *from the Hāyanasundara -- the 
only witness I have of the Hāyanasundara itself suggests a copyist 
having succumbed to the emendation urge and reads, unmetrically, 
/caurāgne ripor api/.

Robbers, fire, enemies, violence, evil passions, fever, and disorders of 
bile and blood are all typical astrological significations of an 
ill-placed Mars. The thunder and lightning mentioned in the present 
verse is unusual, though, and I wondered if perhaps /udagagni /could be 
some other natural phenomenon of this kind, but if so, I can't think 
what. (Northern lights would be neat, but for one thing you don't get 
them in India, and for another they're not dangerous.)


PS: I haven't forgotten about that Harṣa paper. Soon, I hope...

Den 2019-05-17 kl. 14:17, skrev Walter Slaje:
> Dear Martin,
> here is a reference to northern and southern fires in the context of 
> wedding preparations. The fires are explained by Devapāla as 
> non-sacrificial (/laukika/).
> /Kāṭhakagṛhyasūtra/19.3:
> [...] vā *dvāv agnī* prajvālya dvau paśū upākaroty aryamṇe dakṣiṇaṃ, 
> prājāpatyam *uttaram*।
> (Devapāla’s Bhāṣya)
> [...]***laukikau**dvāv agnī**prajvālya dvau paśū *chāgau 
> kanyāsaṃskārārtham *upā*kuryāt ।paśukalpavat ।ekam *aryamṇe 
> dakṣiṇa*bhāgavartiny agnau, dvitīyaṃ prajāpataye 
> *uttara*digbhāgavartiny**agnau[...]
> (Quoted from Raik Strunz' forthcoming edition).
> Best wishes,
> Walter

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