Re: [INDOLOGY] Formations of the ghanāghana type

Martin Gansten martingansten at
Sun May 12 15:22:23 UTC 2019

Many thanks to Stefan Baums for the additional examples phalāphala and 
bhavābhava. I find it interesting that so many (all?) of these 
reduplications with -ā- /not/ derived from a verb root seem to come from 
Buddhist texts. Does this suggest a MIA origin of this feature?

Heiner Koch wrote:

> yukti ayukti koṭa .....
> sinhalese kara / koṭa = sk kṛtvā.
> Any idea for translating  yukti ayukti kṛtvā in a different way?

This is not my area, but would something like 'justifying the unjust' be 

Best wishes,

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