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Dear Bill, Dear All,
At the moment of the acceptance of 19.7 and 8 in AV(Saunaka) there was
(already) an awareness of twenty-eight naksatras.
See discussion by Lanman in Whitney's translation -- hymn 7, which contains
the enumeration, is "wanting in Paipp."
A question related to yours and perhaps relevant to attempts to answer it:
Ancient China was aware of 28 naksatras, neatly distributed in four groups
of seven.
Has any study been done on a comparison of the ancient Chinese and the
ancient Indian lists or on possible mutual influences and their comparative
Best regards,

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> Dear colleagues,
> I wonder if anyone could point me to any recent research on the history of
> Brahmā as a deity in early Vedic (pre-Buddhist) sources. I am aware of
> Bailey’s The mythology of Brahmā, where he described his origin as the
> apotheosization of the brahmā priest in the śrauta sacrifice. I am also
> aware of Thieme’s very thorough study on the *Bráhman *in his *Kleine
> Schriften* (Teil I), where the the original senses and etymology as in RV
> are discussed. I am however still somewhat puzzled about the presence of
> Brahmā as a deity in the early Vedic saṃhitās.
> This puzzle came about when I was going through the list of *nakṣatras* in
> all the Vedic sources, which give either 27 or 28. The difference between
> 27 and 28 lies in the *nakṣatra* *Abhijit*, which is always associated
> with Brahmā. If Brahmā has a late origin, it is likely then an
> interpolation, and the 28-nakṣatra system may also likely postdate the 27
> one. But before I proceed on this line of analysis, I would appreciate it
> if anyone could enlighten me on Brahmā as an deity in the early Vedic
> sources, along with the most updated references on studies on the early
> Vedic deities.
> Best regards,
> Bill Mak
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