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Here is a good quality scan of Thibaut's article on the Sūryaprajñapti that
was referred to:,_on_the,_1880_thibaut.pdf

I have also scanned and posted primary sources on the Sūryaprajñapti. These
are not easy to find, so I list them here:

Śrīsūryaprajñaptyupāṅgam with commentary by Malayagiri, 1919:

Die Sūryaprajñapti, ed. Josef Friedrich Kohl, 1937:

Suryaprajnapti, summarized English translation by R. Shama Sastry,

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David Reigle
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> Dear Bill,
> You must be right when saying that "the 28-nakṣatra system may also
> likely postdate the 27 one". Actually, the Vedāṅga-jyotiṣa (VJ), which
> has only 27 n., uses the beginning of n.Śravişţhā and the middle of
> n.Āśleşā as winter and summer solstices respectively, which places the
> astronomical data of the VJ around 1150 BC. The Gargasaṃhitā and the
> Paitāmahasiddhānta, summarized by Varāhamihira, are similar, but the
> jain works Jyotiṣakaraņḍa and Sūryaprajñapti replace n.Śravişţā by
> n.Śravaņa and add n.Abhijit (Vega) to the zodiac. On the other hand, the
> Sūryaprajñapti puts the winter solstice at the beginning of n.Abhijit,
> which makes a difference of 17,3° with the beginning of n. Śravişţhā
> (VJ), that is 1246 years after VJ (see G.Thibaut, « On the
> Sūryaprajñapti », JASB (1880), p.117).
> Best,
> Jean Michel Delire,
> Lecturer on Science and Civilization of India - Sanskrit Texts at the
> IHEB (University of Brussels)

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