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Dear Veeranarayana Pandurangi,

according to Böhtlingk’s PW vāká- refers to ‘Spruch, Recitation,
Formel im Ritus’ (Apte ‘speech, uttering’), a specific kind of
expression destined for the ritual context. Alfred Ludwig (forthcoming)
translates the whole stanza:

“by the gaˆyatra-metre he measures the arka, 
by the arka the saˆma, by the trišṭubh-metre the vaˆka |
by the vaˆka, that has two feet, the vaˆka that has four (read:
by the mora he measures the seven modes of singing || 24 ||”





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Dear friends,
 I am baffled by meaning of Vaaka that appears in RV  १,१६४.२४  गायत्रेण
प्रति मिमीते अर्कमर्केण साम त्रैष्टुभेन वाकम् ।
१,१६४.२४ वाकेन वाकं द्विपदा चतुष्पदाक्षरेण मिमते सप्त वाणीः ॥

It is also found in MB
“यं वाकेष्वनुवाकेषु निषत्सूपनिषत्सु च । गृणन्ति सत्यकर्म्माणं सत्यं सत्येेेेषु

I  request all of you to kindly Enlighten me.

I have seen S Jamison translation with no use. 

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