[INDOLOGY] Call for Papers: Jainism and Nonviolence for Newsletter of International Institute for Asian Studies, Leiden, Netherlands

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*Call for Papers for a special Focus section in The Newsletter, published
by **International Institute for Asian Studies, Leiden, the Netherlands*

The summer issue of The Newsletter*, to be published in June 2020, will
feature a Focus section on the theme:

*The history and contemporary relevance of Jainism and nonviolence in Asian

Jainism, like Hinduism and Buddhism, is one of the three ancient traditions
from India but remains relatively less known across the globe. One of the
prime Jain virtues is Ahimsa, usually translated as nonviolence. There have
been several volumes and special issues of academic books and journals
focussing on violence but nonviolence remains a relatively untouched theme
for such volumes. In a special issue for the International Institute for
Asian Studies, we invite articles exploring the history and contemporary
relevance of Jainism and Nonviolence in other Asian traditions. In addition
to the historical themes, we invite articles also on contemporary themes
that may discuss how nonviolent techniques, such as passive resistance,
overlaps with issues such as the environment, geopolitical issues,
education, diversity and inclusion, gender studies, and more. The articles
can be from any discipline of humanities or social sciences focussing on
Jainism or nonviolence in other traditions of Asia.

The articles should be either 1400-1750 words (1 page) or 2600-3500 words
(2 pages). Each article should start with a good introduction which clearly
indicates what the reader can expect from the remainder of the article (not
an abstract). Images (without copyright infringements) should be attached.
Endnotes should be a necessary minimum. The issue will go into the layout
in May 2020. You will receive PDF proof pages to check before we go to
print at the beginning of June. The issue will be published mid-June 2020.
It is distributed by hardcopy and online – both for free. All contributors
may request as many copies as they wish.

*The International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS) is located in Leiden,
The Netherlands (https://iias.asia). IIAS is a humanities and social
sciences research institute and knowledge exchange platform. It encourages
the multidisciplinary study of Asia and initiates programmes that engage
Asian and other international partners. IIAS facilitates fellowships,
organizes conferences and publishes The Newsletter, a free academic
non-peer-reviewed publication produced three times a year. With a worldwide
readership of about 50,000. The Newsletter is the premier Asian Studies
forum for Asia scholars.

Please email your articles for this special issue to me by January 1st,


Pankaj Jain


Dr. Pankaj Jain पंकज जैन
Associate Professor, Dept of Philosophy and Religion

Co-chair, India Initiative Group

University of North Texas

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