Re: [INDOLOGY] {भारतीयविद्वत्परिषत्} Maitrāyaṇī-Pariśiṣṭa?

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Here is the specific passage from Vishnu Bhataji Godse's माझा प्रवास
(reprint edition in 1974, Venus Prakashan, Pune, pp. 30-31; in my English
translation):  "In the city of Gwalior, the Upanayana of the son of a well
known person occurred in the month of Āṣāḍha.  There was a meeting
regarding this in the Vitthal temple and on that occasion many scholars
such as Rāmācārya had come.  The Upanayana was done following the opinion
of a pandit named Tātu Dīkṣita Bhaḍkamkar, who was a famous Veda reciter
who could recite the R̥gveda upto ghanapāṭha.  Mr. Bhaḍkamkar established
that it is justified to perform the Upanayana of a Brahmin in the month of
Āṣāḍha until Viṣṇuśayana based on references from Smr̥tis, Sūtras and the
Maitrāyaṇīya Pariśīṣṭa, and the Pañcagauḍa brahmins from Mathurā testified
at this meeting that it is a tradition among the Pañcagauḍa brahmins to
perform the Upanayana in the month of Āṣāḍha.  Pandit Bhaḍkamkar performed
the Upanayana in the month of Āṣāḍha, and the meeting concluded that this
was done according to the Śāstras."  This account describes the visit of
Vishnu Bhataji Godse to north India in 1857.
Madhav M. Deshpande
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Sanskrit and Linguistics
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> Dear Colleagues,
>      I wonder if anyone has any information regarding a text called
> Maitrāyaṇī Pariśīṣṭa.  I came across a reference to this text in a travel
> account by a Marathi Brahmin [माझा प्रवास, by विष्णुभटजी गोडसे] around
> 1857.  In Gwalior, there was a Śāstra discussion about the appropriate
> month for Upanayana of a Maitrāyaṇī child, and this text was consulted in
> that discussion.  The account says that the Maitrāyaṇī household in Gwalior
> followed the traditions of the Gauḍa brahmins.  This interestingly
> contrasts with the fight of the Maitrāyaṇī community in Maharashtra to be
> counted among Drāviḍa brahmins, something that I have discussed in an
> article.
> Madhav M. Deshpande
> Professor Emeritus
> Sanskrit and Linguistics
> University of Michigan
> [Residence: Campbell, California]
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