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I’m not familiar with the stanza, but my reconstruction would be
atiparicayād avajñā / saṃtatagamanād anādaro bhavati |
malaye bhillapurandhrī / candanatarukāṣṭham indhanaṃ kurute ||
This scans as a correct verse in gīti.

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Dear List members, 

someone (not a sanskritist and unaware of diacritics) asked me what the following stanza means:

atiparicayadavajna / samtatagamanadanadro bhavati.
malaye bhillaparandhri / candanatarukastham indhanam kurute.

Some parts, like malaye ... candanatarukastham indhanam kurute, are clear but I do not know what to make of the second pāda. 
I look forward to suggestions.

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