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See Sternbach's Mahāsubhāṣitasaṁgraha, vol. I, no. 575:

atiparicayād avajñā
saṃtatagamanād anādaro bhavati |
malaye bhillapurandhrī
candanatarum indhanaṃ kurute ||

(with textual variants and sources)

Excessive familiarity breeds contempt, and too frequent visits (to a person) lead to disrespect.
A Bhilla woman [or: a woman-beggar] living on the Malaya Mountain uses sandal-wood as a mere fuel.


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> Dear List members,
> someone (not a sanskritist and unaware of diacritics) asked me what the following stanza means:
> atiparicayadavajna / samtatagamanadanadro bhavati.
> malaye bhillaparandhri / candanatarukastham indhanam kurute.
> Some parts, like malaye ... candanatarukastham indhanam kurute, are clear but I do not know what to make of the second pāda.
> I look forward to suggestions.
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