[INDOLOGY] Continuing my Krishna Verses

Madhav Deshpande mmdesh at umich.edu
Fri Jun 22 17:24:50 UTC 2018

Continuing my Krishna Verses:

जगन्मोहन कृष्ण त्वं मोहयित्वाखिलं जगत् ।

गूहसे हृदयाकाशे भव मे दृष्टिगोचर: ।।४०८।।

O Kr̥ṣṇa, Enchanter of the world, having enchanted the entire world you
hide in the space of my heart.  Be visible to me.

आगत्य माधव यदा पुरतो मम तिष्ठसि ।

त्वयापहृतचित्तोऽहमशक्त: शब्दयोजने ।।४०९।।

O Mādhava, when you come and stand in front of me, with my mind stolen away
by you, I am unable to find words.

धन्यं दिनमहं धन्यो दृष्टोऽसि त्वं सुदर्शन ।

एकमेवाभ्यर्थनं मे जगतीं मधुरां कुरु ।।४१०।।

Fulfilled is the day and fulfilled I am.  O Beautiful Looking Krishna, I
have seen you.  I have only one request.  Make this world sweet.

Madhav M. Deshpande
Professor Emeritus
Sanskrit and Linguistics
University of Michigan
[Residence: Campbell, California]

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