[INDOLOGY] "Linguistic paradox & diglossia": Just published & freely available

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Article "Linguistic paradox & diglossia"
(De Gruyter Open Linguistics) : Just published & freely available

DOI: 10.1515/opli-2018-0001

Keywords: Sanskrit; Prakrit; sociolinguistics; “Hybrid” Sanskrit; Old
Persian; diglossia; emerging languages

Since the discovery of the Vedas and of the Avesta and since the
decipherment of old Persian inscriptions and of the royal inscriptions of
modern scholarship has made efforts to distinguish and separate
well-defined ancient languages and has tried to link these as discrete
"entities" in a genetic tree.
This has been only partly succesful and we are left with several problems,
including a considerable amount of linguistic evidence that has to be
arranged in the category of "hybrid".
In the study linguistic evidence the view points of "entities", "waves" and
"fields" have their value and their contribution to make to a better
Recent scholarship in emerging languages (H. Kloss, Ž. Muljačič, J.
Goossens, and others) -- e.g. on the development of romance languages, and
on the grammatical standardization of French and Dutch starting in the 16th
(L. Maigret, H.L. Spiegel), that of English ONE century later (unless we
count W. Bullokar's rudimentary Pamphlet on Grammar and Amendment of
Orthography) and that of German some TWO centuries later (J.C. Adelung) --
has reached a level of maturity which makes it now possible to shed new
light on the linguistic evidence of some of the most ancient testimonies of
Indian and Indo-European ritual, religious and philosophical poetry and


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