[INDOLOGY] "Linguistic paradox & diglossia": Just published & freely available

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> Article "Linguistic paradox & diglossia"
> (De Gruyter Open Linguistics) : Just published & freely available
> DOI: 10.1515/opli-2018-0001
> https://goo.gl/Rqkw6i
> Keywords: Sanskrit; Prakrit; sociolinguistics; “Hybrid” Sanskrit; Old
> Persian; diglossia; emerging languages
> Background:
> Since the discovery of the Vedas and of the Avesta and since the
> decipherment of old Persian inscriptions and of the royal inscriptions of
> Aśoka,
> modern scholarship has made efforts to distinguish and separate
> well-defined ancient languages and has tried to link these as discrete
> "entities" in a genetic tree.
> This has been only partly succesful and we are left with several problems,
> including a considerable amount of linguistic evidence that has to be
> arranged in the category of "hybrid".
> In the study linguistic evidence the view points of "entities", "waves"
> and "fields" have their value and their contribution to make to a better
> understanding.
> Recent scholarship in emerging languages (H. Kloss, Ž. Muljačič, J.
> Goossens, and others) -- e.g. on the development of romance languages, and
> on the grammatical standardization of French and Dutch starting in the 16th
> century
> (L. Maigret, H.L. Spiegel), that of English ONE century later (unless we
> count W. Bullokar's rudimentary Pamphlet on Grammar and Amendment of
> Orthography) and that of German some TWO centuries later (J.C. Adelung) --
> has reached a level of maturity which makes it now possible to shed new
> light on the linguistic evidence of some of the most ancient testimonies of
> Indian and Indo-European ritual, religious and philosophical poetry and
> literature.
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