[INDOLOGY] Rationality and epistemology in Advaita-Vedaanta

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Shankar's Adwaitya Vedanta ,Specially the various commentaries by Bachaspati Misra etc.lays emphasis on dialectics, in the form of Snake Rope or Nacre Silver illusion, where we begin with  falsity due to ignorance, and end up with the ultimate REALISATION or Knowledge. MaddhyaCharya's SarvaDarshanSamgraha has details on this.   Alakendu Das

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Subject: [INDOLOGY] Rationality and epistemology in Advaita-Vedaanta

Dear colleagues,

Recently, I had written on this forum to request your help to find relevant publications on the historical developments of rationality and epistemology in Jainism.

Many of you kindly replied to me in private and the help provided was much appreciated. I am thankful for that.

I would like to repeat the same process, but now with Advaita-Vedaanta.

I am particularly seeking information about:

1. the role and function of dialectic and epistemology within Sankara's soteriology or within the greater Advaita-Vedaanta (10th to 14th centuries...)

2. Whatever information we might have on the debate environment in which the tradition contributed (public or written)

I already compiled a list of publications of my own, but I would be most happy to hear from your insights on the mather, on what you might feel is outdated or perhaps new approaches which are worth looking at, so as not to miss anything relevant.

Any suggestions on any of these two point would be greatly appreciated.

I thank you in advance for your time and efforts.

Most kindly,

Karl-Stephan Bouthillette

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Institute for Indology and Tibetology

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