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Exciting news from Prof. S. R. Sarma, forwarded here at his request.​

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From: S.R. Sarma <SR at sarma.de>
Date: 24 January 2018 at 17:07
Subject: Catalogue

I am happy to announce the completion of the online catalogue. This final
version   (http://srsarma.in/catalogue.php) supersedes all the earlier
versions. In some  4300 pages, it contains 600 entries, introductory essays
on each category of instruments and long extracts from two important
Sanskrit texts, namely Mahendra Sūri’s *Yantrar**ā**ja *and Padmanābha’s
*Dhruvabhram**ā**dhikra, *along with English translation.

I wish to thank most sincerely all the museums and the private collectors
who permitted me to study the instruments in their possession and the many
friends and well-wishers across the globe who helped in various ways in the
preparation of this catalogue.

S. R. Sarma

Höhenstrasse 28 { 40227 Düsseldorf { Germany { www.srsarma.in

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