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My posting may be ignored since it concerns Tamil, not Sanskrit!!

In Tamil we have a proverb: 

“tāyaip paḻittālum taṇṇīraip paḻikkātē (தாயைப் பழித்தாலும் தண்ணீரைப் பழிக்காதே)” 
meaning, “Don’t revile the water even if you revile your mother.” 

The well-known literature Tirukkuṟaḷ has a chapter on rain/water. 
Ancient Tamil poetry has some nice references in praise of water. 

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> Dear List Members
> A friend has asked if I could help him collect Sanskrit verses in praise of water.
> He's not thinking so much of verses praising specific rivers, but water as such.
> Does anything come to mind?
> Yours Alex
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