[INDOLOGY] Query: Did Heinrich Lüders read Chinese?

DIEGO LOUKOTA SANCLEMENTE diegoloukota at ucla.edu
Wed Feb 7 22:22:20 UTC 2018

  Dear list members,

  I am working on the Chinese translation of Kumāralāta's *Kalpanāmaṇḍitikā
Dṛṣtāntapaṅkti *(also known, less correctly, as* Sūtrālaṃkāra*). Heinrich
Lüders' in his 1926 *Bruchstücke der Kalpanāmaṇḍitikā des Kumāralāta*
occasionally makes first hand statements on the Chinese translation of
Kumāralāta's work and on other Chinese sources, but mostly relies on
others' translations (Huber, Przyluski, Waldschmidt). Does anyone have a
clue of the extent of his grasp of Chinese? Is anyone aware of an explicit
statement in his work regarding his Chinese proficiency? I have the
impression that he read very little Chinese––in Berlin in the 20s he must
have had, though, plenty of access to both texts and sinologists. A very
minor question, but of interest to me.

​  *namaskaromi*,​

  Diego Loukota

​PhD Cand. - ​
Department of Asian Languages and Cultures - UCLA - 290 Royce Hall

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