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Fri Apr 27 19:55:15 UTC 2018

Dear Madhavji,

There is nothing wrong with your *dyutiṃ*. It is the problem with the font.
The default font on Microsoft windows was changed from Mangal font to
Nirmala font, in Windows 10 (actually from Windows 8). The rendering of *dyu
*is not correctly implemented in Nirmala font. So, unfortunately, everyone
using Microsoft windows 10 would find your  *muktādyutiṃ *as  *muktāduyatiṃ*

You can see how your text appears in various fonts as shown below:

I hope someone at Microsoft is working to rid their default font of all
these bugs.


On Fri, Apr 27, 2018 at 10:49 AM, Madhav Deshpande via INDOLOGY <
indology at list.indology.info> wrote:

> I am told by a few friends that they see in the second line of my verse
> the word "muktāduyatiṃ".  The Devanagari on my MacBook clearly reads
> "muktādyutiṃ."  So there is some issue in how Devanagari Unicode typed on a
> MacBook gets displayed elsewhere.  I don't have a way of solving this
> dilemma.  I would appreciate if anyone has suggestions.  Best,
> Madhav Deshpande
> Campbell, California
> 2018-04-27 6:51 GMT-07:00 Madhav Deshpande <mmdesh at umich.edu>:
>> My Sanskrit verse today:
>> कालिन्दीपुलिनेषु खेलनवशाद् यद्भालदेशे सदा
>> सञ्जाता: श्रमवारिबिन्दुपुलका मुक्ताद्युतिं तन्वते ।
>> यस्यानन्तगुणप्रभाविकिरणाद् विद्योतते भूतलम्
>> सोऽयं गोकुलवत्सलो विलसतां मन्मानसे सन्ततम् ।।
>> Playing on the banks of Kālindī, the drops of sweat on his forehead
>> produced by his exertion shine like pearls. The world itself shines by the
>> scattering light of his infinite virtues. May this love of Gokula
>> constantly shine in my mind.
>> Madhav Deshpande
>> Campbell, California
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