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Madhav Deshpande mmdesh at umich.edu
Fri Apr 27 14:49:37 UTC 2018

I am told by a few friends that they see in the second line of my verse the
word "muktāduyatiṃ".  The Devanagari on my MacBook clearly reads
"muktādyutiṃ."  So there is some issue in how Devanagari Unicode typed on a
MacBook gets displayed elsewhere.  I don't have a way of solving this
dilemma.  I would appreciate if anyone has suggestions.  Best,

Madhav Deshpande
Campbell, California

2018-04-27 6:51 GMT-07:00 Madhav Deshpande <mmdesh at umich.edu>:

> My Sanskrit verse today:
> कालिन्दीपुलिनेषु खेलनवशाद् यद्भालदेशे सदा
> सञ्जाता: श्रमवारिबिन्दुपुलका मुक्ताद्युतिं तन्वते ।
> यस्यानन्तगुणप्रभाविकिरणाद् विद्योतते भूतलम्
> सोऽयं गोकुलवत्सलो विलसतां मन्मानसे सन्ततम् ।।
> Playing on the banks of Kālindī, the drops of sweat on his forehead
> produced by his exertion shine like pearls. The world itself shines by the
> scattering light of his infinite virtues. May this love of Gokula
> constantly shine in my mind.
> Madhav Deshpande
> Campbell, California

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