[INDOLOGY] Northern and southern Devanagari

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Mon Oct 23 03:20:00 UTC 2017

Hello Martin,

     One quirk I noticed in the manuscripts of the Śaunakīya Caturādhyāyikā
is that some of them would make inconsistent use of the Pr̥ṣṭhamātrās, some
of them would use them consistently, while some never used them.  I could
not figure out why some scribes would use them inconsistently.

Madhav Deshpande

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> Apologies for what is perhaps a very basic question:
> I have always unreflectingly accepted the common distinction between
> northern ('Calcutta-style') and southern ('Bombay-style') Devanagari.
> Recently, though, I noticed that some manuscripts mix the two -- for
> instance, using a 'northern' *ṇa *but a 'southern' *a*, or even
> alternating between the two kinds of *ṇa *(in the same copyist's hand).
> Is there any special significance to this -- for example, particular
> regions and/or historical periods in which the two styles were less
> distinct? Or should it just be seen as a personal quirk of the scribe
> (perhaps an itinerant one)?
> Thanks in advance for any light on this,
> Martin Gansten
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