[INDOLOGY] Northern and southern Devanagari

Martin Gansten martingansten at gmail.com
Mon Oct 23 03:15:08 UTC 2017

Apologies for what is perhaps a very basic question:

I have always unreflectingly accepted the common distinction between 
northern ('Calcutta-style') and southern ('Bombay-style') Devanagari. 
Recently, though, I noticed that some manuscripts mix the two -- for 
instance, using a 'northern' /ṇa /but a 'southern' /a/, or even 
alternating between the two kinds of /ṇa /(in the same copyist's hand). 
Is there any special significance to this -- for example, particular 
regions and/or historical periods in which the two styles were less 
distinct? Or should it just be seen as a personal quirk of the scribe 
(perhaps an itinerant one)?

Thanks in advance for any light on this,
Martin Gansten

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