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                With regard to your question on Jivanmukti,( an Adwaitya Doctrine)and whether 

it is a' permanent disposition' if I may digress a little bit ,and focus on the Buddhist view 

of Nirvana, I think that may be an answer to your later query.

                                                      In the Khandaka Vagga of Samyukta 

Nikaya( the 3rd part of Sutta Pitaka) Siddhartha Gautama Buddha in presence of Sariputta and 

other Bhikkhus clearly spells out the conditions for attaining liberation ( or Nirvana) IN 


 Buddha makes it a point that the mendicant has to show aversion to Perception.....aversion to 

Composite Unity( i.e. Samskara)....aversion to consciousness( i.e.the  Pancha Skandha...namely 

Rupa,Vedana,Samgya,Samskara Vigyan),and he will be liberated in this world.Thus Nirvana lands 

a Bhikkhu in such a state of mind where his liberation, in this life, is of 'permanent 


                                                              ALAKENDU DAS


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