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> Dear Colleagues,
> I thought I would share the URL for the newest issue of Asian Literature and Translation:
> https://publications.cardiffuniversitypress.org/index.php/ALT/index <https://publications.cardiffuniversitypress.org/index.php/ALT/index>
> This journal, which is the product of the Centre for the History of Religion in Asia at Cardiff University, had a rest period after the retirement of its editor, William Johnson.
> I have since taken over the editorship. We have moved the journal to Cardiff University Press (all back issues are digitally available at http://cardiffuniversitypress.org/titles/journals/ <http://cardiffuniversitypress.org/titles/journals/>) and hope to continue the wonderful work done by Will in offering an outlet for shorter and longer translations of Asian literature, as well as articles and anything else innovative, brilliant or both that comes out way.
> The first paper is a tribute to my marvellous colleague Will, which was co-authored with another of my marvellous colleagues, Simon Brodbeck.
> The contents page is given below.
> Enjoy!
> Submissions should be sent to my university email address (hegartyj at cardiff.ac.uk <mailto:hegartyj at cardiff.ac.uk>). The journal is double blind peer reviewed.
> Best Wishes,
> James Hegarty
> Cardiff University
> Vol 4, No 1 (2017): Asian Literature and Translation
> Table of Contents
> An Appreciation of, and Tribute to, Will Johnson on the Occasion of his Retirement <https://publications.cardiffuniversitypress.org/index.php/ALT/article/view/641>
> James Hegarty,	Simon Brodbeck
> PDF <https://publications.cardiffuniversitypress.org/index.php/ALT/article/view/641/657>
> 1-32
> Calendars, Rituals, and Astral Science in India: A Case Study <https://publications.cardiffuniversitypress.org/index.php/ALT/article/view/642>
> Alessandra Petrocchi
> PDF <https://publications.cardiffuniversitypress.org/index.php/ALT/article/view/642/641>
> 33-72
> How a Medieval Monk-Poet (Saigyô) and Japan Became Identified with ‘Nature’ <https://publications.cardiffuniversitypress.org/index.php/ALT/article/view/644>
> Mike Sugimoto
> PDF <https://publications.cardiffuniversitypress.org/index.php/ALT/article/view/644/643>
> 73-95
> Two Pashto Short Stories by Abdul Wakil Sulamal Shinwari Translated by Noorullah Atal <https://publications.cardiffuniversitypress.org/index.php/ALT/article/view/645>
> Noorullah Atal
> PDF <https://publications.cardiffuniversitypress.org/index.php/ALT/article/view/645/655>
> 96-104
> Dharmadinnā Becomes a Nun: A Story of Ordination by Messenger from the Mūlasarvāstivāda Vinaya Translated from the Tibetan Version by Fumi Yao <https://publications.cardiffuniversitypress.org/index.php/ALT/article/view/646>
> Fumi Yao
> PDF <https://publications.cardiffuniversitypress.org/index.php/ALT/article/view/646/652>
> 105-148
> ‘An Early Morning’ and ‘Moonlit Night’ by Thach Lam Translated from the Vietnamese by Quan Manh Ha <https://publications.cardiffuniversitypress.org/index.php/ALT/article/view/643>
> Quan Manh Ha
> PDF <https://publications.cardiffuniversitypress.org/index.php/ALT/article/view/643/654>
> 149-158

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