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Whenever I visited Paris I never missed to visit André at his home in rue
Séguier, and once also at his country house along with my family. By saying
André I implicitly also refer to his wonderful wife, Anne-Cécile (it is
often true that very close to each great man there also is a great woman).
The last years of André were deeply saddened by the tragic and absurd death
of Anne-Cécile, yet he found the courage and energy to continue, some way
ot other, his life as a man (or to be more precise, as a great gentleman)
and a scholar.  I bitterly miss the great man and scholar he was.

Raffaele Torella

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> "Those who have the privilege to know Padoux personally, have been
> impressed by his friendliness, his cultured style, his honesty and
> meticulous correctness, his high scientific standard, and his readiness to
> assist young Indologists, both French and non-French."
> When in the early nineties I read these words in Teun Goudriaan's preface
> to *Ritual and Speculation in Early Tantrism -- Studies in Honor of André
> Padoux*, Albany: SUNY press, 1992, André Padoux was for me an admired but
> distant star.
> Much later I had myself the privilege to experience directly the truth of
> this statement on André Padoux, and be in addition impressed by his
> evergreen sense of humour and his loyalty to his family, friends and close
> colleagues. His work will forever remain of monumental importance for
> Indology, Tantric Studies, Ritual Studies, Philosophy of Language,
> Mantraśāstra and for the humanities (sciences humaines) in general.
> Condolences to his family and friends.
> I hope someone will be so kind as to prepare, or point us to, an updated
> list of André Padoux' publications -- beyond the list that appeared in the
> 1992 SUNY volume.
> Jan Houben
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>> Dear members of the list,
>> It is my very sad duty to inform you that Prof. André Padoux passed away,
>> yesterday, 16th of July, in his 98th year.
>> All of you know him as a great scholar, a pioneer in his field, and a
>> perfect gentlemen.
>> Lyne Bansat-Boudon
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