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Before further random guessing, I suggest to consult the evidence Michael
Witzel has collected and the reasons he has put forward in his paper:
as ritualist and philosopher, and his personal language"* (*Paitimāna.
Essays in Iranian, Indo-European, and Indian Studies in Honor of
Hanns-Peter Schmidt*, hg. v. Siamak Adhami. Vol. I: Indo-European and
Indian Studies, Costa Mesa 2003, S. 103-143.), see, in particular, there on
pp. 135f and 138.


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> > My guess is that it is the Śukla Yajurvedins
> > who began calling their Yajurveda with the term Śukla to suggest that
> > Yājñavalkya's new Yajurveda was more pure than the old Yajurveda
> Yes, this seems to be the most probable explanation, see e.g. Gonda's
> Vedic Literature (p. 327):
> This corpus is called "White" or "Clear" (śukla) because it consists
> entirely of a conveniently arranged collection of mantras to be recited at
> sacrifices, and is free from the explanatory matter that is collected in
> separate brāmaṇas.
> Gonda refers to Eggeling's ŚPB I, p. xxvii and to  C. L. Prabhakar's
> article in Bhāratīya Vidyā 28 (1968): 64.
> If I remember well, Frits Staal says more or less the same in his
> Discovery of Veda.
> LO
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