Re: [INDOLOGY] Fwd: Kṛṣṇa / Śukla YV

Lubomír Ondračka ondracka at
Thu Jul 13 13:00:19 UTC 2017

> My guess is that it is the Śukla Yajurvedins
> who began calling their Yajurveda with the term Śukla to suggest that
> Yājñavalkya's new Yajurveda was more pure than the old Yajurveda

Yes, this seems to be the most probable explanation, see e.g. Gonda's Vedic Literature (p. 327):

This corpus is called "White" or "Clear" (śukla) because it consists entirely of a conveniently arranged collection of mantras to be recited at sacrifices, and is free from the explanatory matter that is collected in separate brāmaṇas.

Gonda refers to Eggeling's ŚPB I, p. xxvii and to  C. L. Prabhakar's article in Bhāratīya Vidyā 28 (1968): 64.

If I remember well, Frits Staal says more or less the same in his Discovery of Veda.


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