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Dear Heiner,

I think none of the three stories of Viśvantara in the Mūlasarvāstivāda
Vinaya ("the Viśvantara-Jātaka I--III" in Panglung 1981 "Preliminary
remarks on the uddānas in the vinaya of the Mūlasarvāstivādin," p.229) and
the Viśvantarāvadāna in the Gilgit manuscripts ("the Viśvantara-Jātaka IV,"
ibid.) gives aśvaveśa. They do not mention Śakra's help in this part of the
story, either.

Viś I (Tibetan, Chinese, and newly identified Skt fragments): Viśvantara
gives both the coach and horses to a Brahmin and goes to the forest on foot.

Viś II (Tibetan and Skt fragments): After he gave the coach to some
Brahmins, Viśvantara rides his horse. Later, he gives the horse to another
group of Brahmins and proceeds on foot.

Viś III (Tibetan, Chinese, and Gilgit manuscript): same as Viś I.

Viś IV (Gilgit manuscript): same as Viś I.

I hope this helps you.

Kindest regards,

Fumi Yao

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2017-02-12 8:41 GMT-05:00 Rolf Heinrich Koch via INDOLOGY <
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> Dear listmembers,
> there is one episode in the Vessantara-Jātaka which describes the
> following plot:
> ...After Vessantara gave away the two horses of his coach, Sakka advised
> four junior gods
> to pull Vessantara's coach. They appeared in the guise of a red deer....
> Some murals which depict this plot show four horses instead of the red
> deer.
> As the only textual source I found one edition of the Butsarana with
> aśvaveśa (for mṛgaveśa).
> All Pali and further Sinhala sources read mṛgaveśa.
> I suppose there is a northern tradition which records aśvaveśa (Gilgit,
> Tibetan or Chinese).
> Anyone came across this version and is willing to share this with me?
> Thank you in advance
> Heiner
> Rolf Heinrich Koch
> https://rolfheinrichkoch.wordpress.com/
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