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Thank you. Actually, avyakta is often used as a straightforward adjective, as in Bg 2.25. My interest here is when avyakta is used as a noun, as in Bg 12.1, or even more to the point, 8.18,20.


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> Scholar, 
>                  The best way to comprehend Avykta or "The unmanifested"is available in Gita itself.2.26(or may be 27,)says- A chheddyam,Adahhyam,Akleddya,Ashoshya eba cha ,Nitya Sarvagata Sthanu Chalayam ,Sanatana
> ........Avyaktayam,Achintyam,Avikaryam ucchyate.The concept of Avyakta in our Philosophy is dimensionless,although it
> is the sole EXISTENCE. The fact that it is dimensionless, can be accessed from this Upanishadic qoute- Ananu,Asthulam,Arhasham,A
> ..dirgham....etc.," Avyaktam' is the Sumnum Bonum of our Vedanta Philosophy.
>                      Alakendu Ds
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> Dear Scholars,
>    I would appreciate insights on how we might understand the use of ‘avyakta,’ the ‘unmanifest’ in the Gita 13.6 and elsewhere as a type of element or dimension of this world.
> Thanks,
> Howard
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