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Very sad to read about the passing away of Teun Goudriaan (on 28 august
2016) and Max Sparreboom (on 30 august 2016).

Bio-bibliographical details on Teun Goudriaan can be found at:

on Max Sparreboom:

The overview on Teun Goudriaan adds some publications not mentioned by Asko
Parpola, whereas the latter's references contain valuable information not
mentioned in the online overview.

Teun Goudriaan was not only an excellent scholar to whom we owe several
monumental contributions to indology, he was also an excellent teacher at
Utrecht University having the rare skill not only to give the correct
construction of a difficult sentence and explain it in masterly fashion: he
had also a remarkable skill to understand empathically why the student
occasionally arrived at another, seemingly correct but ultimately untenable
solution. I still must have somewhere my course notes of his courses on the
Bhagavata Purana.
Although this was much before my time, he was also known to have been an
excellent student of Prof. Jan Gonda in the late 1950s - early 1960s.
According to anecdote, his notes of Prof. Gonda's courses, showing a
profound grasp and exceptionally rich in detail, aquired a fame on their
own and circulated among fellow students under the name "Gondriaan".

Belated condolences to Teun Goudriaan's and Max Sparreboom's family and

Jan Houben

On 1 September 2016 at 13:00, <asko.parpola at helsinki.fi> wrote:

> I was really sad to hear about the passing of Teun Goudriaan and Max
> Sparreboom, who were my friends for decades, Teun Goudriaan since the
> 1960s. While I have nothing to add to Herman Tieken's list of publications
> by Max Sparreboom, there is quite a lot to cover Teun's indological
> publications. As my farewell I list the following.  With regards, Asko
> Parpola
> Goudriaan, Teunis, 1965. Kāśyapa's Book of wisdom. (Disputationes
> Rheno-Traiectinae, 10.) The Hague: Mouton & Co. 341 pp. (Ph.D. thesis,
> Utrecht 1965.) This is an annotated translation of an important Vaikhānasa
> text.
> Goudriaan, Teunis, 1970. Vaikhânasa daily worship. Indo-Iranian Journal
> 12: 161-215.
> Goudriaan, T., and C. Hooykaas, 1971. Stuti and stava (Bauddha, Śaiva and
> Vaiṣṇava) of Balinese Brahman priests. (Verhandelingen der Koninklijke
> Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen te Amsterdam, Afdeling Letterkunde,
> N.R. 76) Amsterdam: North-Holland Publishing Company. 609 pp., 8 ill.
> Goudriaan, Teun, 1973. Tumburu and his sisters. WZKSA 17: 49-95.
> Goudriaan, T., 1973. Deities of the tree-cutting ceremony in Vaikhānasa
> Āgama. The Adyar Library Bulletin 37: 75-86.
> Goudriaan, Teun, 1977. Khaḍga-Rāvaṇa and his worship in Balinese and
> Indian Tantric sources. WZKSA 21: 143-169.
> Goudriaan, Teun, 1978. Māyā divine and human: A study of magic and its
> religious foundations in Sanskrit texts, with particular attention to a
> fragment on Viṣṇu's Māyā preserved in Bali. Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass.
> xiv, 516 pp.
> Goudriaan, Teun, and Sanjukta Gupta, 1981. Hindu Tantric and Śākta
> literature. (A history of Indian literature, ed. Jan Gonda, 2:2.)
> Wiesbaden: Otto Harrassowitz.
> Goudriaan, Teun, 1985. The Vīṇāśikhatantra: A Śaiva Tantra of the left
> current. Edited with an introduction and a translation. Delhi: Motilal
> Banarsidass. viii, 162 pp.
> Goudriaan, T., and J.A. Schoterman, 1988. The Kubjikāmatatantra,
> Kulālikāmnāya version: Critical edition. (Orientalia Rheno-Traiectina, 30.)
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> Goudriaan, Teun, 1990. The Ātman as charioteer: Treatment of a Vedic
> allegory in the Kulālikāmnāya. Pp. 43-55 in: T. Goudriaan (ed.), The
> Sanskrit tradition and tantrism. (Panels of the VIIth International
> Sanskrit Conference, Vol. 1.) Leiden: E.J. Brill.
> Goudriaan, Teun (ed.), 1992. (Ed.) Ritual and speculation in early
> Tantrism: Studies in honor of André Padoux. (SUNY series in Tantric
> studies.) Albany: State University of New York Press. xv, 359 p., ill.,
> index. Reprinted, (Sri Garib Dass Oriental Series, 163), Delhi: Sri Satguru
> Publications, 1993. CONTENTS:
> Goudriaan, Teun, 1992. Preface. Pp. vii-xi. Goudriaan, Teun, 1992.
> Publications by André Padoux. Pp. xii-xv. Brunner, Hélène, 1992. Jñāna and
> kriyā: Relation between theory and practice in the Śaivāgamas. Pp. 1-59.
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> Śaiva worship. Pp. 107-119. Dviveda, Vrajavallabha, 1992. "Having become a
> god, he should sacrifice to the gods." Pp. 121-138. Goudriaan, Teun, 1992.
> The stages of awakening in the Svacchanda-Tantra. Pp. 139-173. Gupta,
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> 1992. Tantric meditation: Vocalic beginnings. Pp. 227-245. Rastogi,
> Navjivan, 1992. The Yogic disciplines in the monistic |aiva* Tantric*
> traditions of Kashmir: Threefold, fourfold, and six-limbed. Pp. 247-280.
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> Atharvavedic character. Pp. 313-326.  Torella, Raffaele, 1992. The
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> above work.
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> Pp. 139-173 in the above work.
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> Kunde Südasiens 36.
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> Studies, 10.) Groningen: Egbert Forsten. viii, 180 pp.
> Goudriaan, Teun, 2002. Imagery of the self from Veda to Tantra. Pp.
> 171-192 in: Katherine Anne Harper and Robert L. Brown (eds.), The roots of
> Tantra. (SUNY Series in Tantric Studies.) Albany: State University of New
> York Press.
> Quoting "Tieken, H.J.H." <H.J.H.Tieken at hum.leidenuniv.nl>:
> Dear list members, it is a sad week for Dutch indology. On the 28th of
>> August Teun Goudrian (Māyā Divine and Human, Vināśikhatantra) has died at
>> the age of 77, and on the 30th Max Sparreboom (Chariots in the Veda, The
>> Ritual setting up of the Sacrificial Fires According to the Vādhūla School)
>> at the age of 65. Max and I started our studies together in 1970 with Henk
>> Bodewitz and Jan Heesterman. After temporary jobs at the Kern Institute Max
>> worked for NWO, a Dutch funding organisation, was Dean of the Faculty of
>> Humanities at the Erasmus Universiteit (Rotterdam), was Director of the
>> IIAS in Leiden and Director of the Premium Erasmianum. Soon after his
>> retirement in August last year he was diagnosed long cancer (he had stopped
>> smoking some 40 years ago). In addition to his indological work Max
>> published widely on salamanders. Recently a voluminous standard work on
>> salamanders by him has appeared. His work on a book on salamaders in art
>> was interrupted by his death.
>> Herman
>> Herman Tieken
>> Stationsweg 58
>> 2515 BP Den Haag
>> The Netherlands
>> 00 31 (0)70 2208127
>> website: hermantieken.com<http://hermantieken.com/>
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