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I was really sad to hear about the passing of Teun Goudriaan and Max  
Sparreboom, who were my friends for decades, Teun Goudriaan since the  
1960s. While I have nothing to add to Herman Tieken's list of  
publications by Max Sparreboom, there is quite a lot to cover Teun's  
indological publications. As my farewell I list the following.  With  
regards, Asko Parpola

Goudriaan, Teunis, 1965. Kāśyapa's Book of wisdom. (Disputationes  
Rheno-Traiectinae, 10.) The Hague: Mouton & Co. 341 pp. (Ph.D. thesis,  
Utrecht 1965.) This is an annotated translation of an important  
Vaikhānasa text.

Goudriaan, Teunis, 1970. Vaikhânasa daily worship. Indo-Iranian  
Journal 12: 161-215.

Goudriaan, T., and C. Hooykaas, 1971. Stuti and stava (Bauddha, Śaiva  
and Vaiṣṇava) of Balinese Brahman priests. (Verhandelingen der  
Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen te Amsterdam,  
Afdeling Letterkunde, N.R. 76) Amsterdam: North-Holland Publishing  
Company. 609 pp., 8 ill.

Goudriaan, Teun, 1973. Tumburu and his sisters. WZKSA 17: 49-95.

Goudriaan, T., 1973. Deities of the tree-cutting ceremony in  
Vaikhānasa Āgama. The Adyar Library Bulletin 37: 75-86.

Goudriaan, Teun, 1977. Khaḍga-Rāvaṇa and his worship in Balinese and  
Indian Tantric sources. WZKSA 21: 143-169.

Goudriaan, Teun, 1978. Māyā divine and human: A study of magic and its  
religious foundations in Sanskrit texts, with particular attention to  
a fragment on Viṣṇu's Māyā preserved in Bali. Delhi: Motilal  
Banarsidass. xiv, 516 pp.

Goudriaan, Teun, and Sanjukta Gupta, 1981. Hindu Tantric and Śākta  
literature. (A history of Indian literature, ed. Jan Gonda, 2:2.)  
Wiesbaden: Otto Harrassowitz.

Goudriaan, Teun, 1985. The Vīṇāśikhatantra: A Śaiva Tantra of the left  
current. Edited with an introduction and a translation. Delhi: Motilal  
Banarsidass. viii, 162 pp.

Goudriaan, T., and J.A. Schoterman, 1988. The Kubjikāmatatantra,  
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Sanskrit tradition and tantrism. (Panels of the VIIth International  
Sanskrit Conference, Vol. 1.) Leiden: E.J. Brill.

Goudriaan, Teun (ed.), 1992. (Ed.) Ritual and speculation in early  
Tantrism: Studies in honor of André Padoux. (SUNY series in Tantric  
studies.) Albany: State University of New York Press. xv, 359 p.,  
ill., index. Reprinted, (Sri Garib Dass Oriental Series, 163), Delhi:  
Sri Satguru Publications, 1993. CONTENTS:
Goudriaan, Teun, 1992. Preface. Pp. vii-xi. Goudriaan, Teun, 1992.  
Publications by André Padoux. Pp. xii-xv. Brunner, Hélène, 1992. Jñāna  
and kriyā: Relation between theory and practice in the Śaivāgamas. Pp.  
1-59. Bühnemann, Gudrun, 1992. On puraścaraṇa: Kulārṇavatantra,  
chapter 15. Pp. 61-106. Davis, Richard H., 1992. Becoming a Śiva, and  
acting as one, in Śaiva worship. Pp. 107-119. Dviveda, Vrajavallabha,  
1992. "Having become a god, he should sacrifice to the gods." Pp.  
121-138. Goudriaan, Teun, 1992. The stages of awakening in the  
Svacchanda-Tantra. Pp. 139-173. Gupta, Sanjukta, 1992. Yoga and  
antaryāga in Pāñcarātra. Pp. 175-208. Hara, Minoru, 1992. Pāśupata  
studies (1). Pp. 209-226. Muller-Ortega, Paul E., 1992. Tantric  
meditation: Vocalic beginnings. Pp. 227-245. Rastogi, Navjivan, 1992.  
The Yogic disciplines in the monistic |aiva* Tantric* traditions of  
Kashmir: Threefold, fourfold, and six-limbed. Pp. 247-280. Sanderson,  
Alexis, 1992. The doctrine of the Mālinīvijayottaratantra. Pp.  
281-312. Schoterman, Jan A., 1992. The Kubjikā Upaniṣad and its  
Atharvavedic character. Pp. 313-326.  Torella, Raffaele, 1992. The  
pratyabhijñā and the logical-epistemological school of Buddhism. Pp.  
327-345. Index of Sanskrit terms. Pp. 347-351. Index of names and  
subjects. Pp. 352-359.

Goudriaan, Teun, 1992. Preface. Pp. vii-xi in the above work.

Goudriaan, Teun, 1992. Publications by André Padoux. Pp. xii-xv in the  
above work.

Goudriaan, Teun, 1992. The stages of awakening in the  
Svacchanda-Tantra. Pp. 139-173 in the above work.

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Kunde Südasiens 36.

Goudriaan, Teun, 1993. Obituary: Jan Gonda (14/4/1905 - 28/7/1991).  
Newsletter of the International Association of Sanskrit Studies 4:  
18-20. Stockholm & Torino: CESMEO.

Goudriaan, Teun, and Jan A. Schoterman, 1994. The Kubjikā Upaniṣad,  
edited with a translation, introduction, notes and appendices.  
(Groningen Oriental Studies, 10.) Groningen: Egbert Forsten. viii, 180  

Goudriaan, Teun, 2002. Imagery of the self from Veda to Tantra. Pp.  
171-192 in: Katherine Anne Harper and Robert L. Brown (eds.), The  
roots of Tantra. (SUNY Series in Tantric Studies.) Albany: State  
University of New York Press.

Quoting "Tieken, H.J.H." <H.J.H.Tieken at hum.leidenuniv.nl>:

> Dear list members, it is a sad week for Dutch indology. On the 28th  
> of August Teun Goudrian (Māyā Divine and Human, Vināśikhatantra) has  
> died at the age of 77, and on the 30th Max Sparreboom (Chariots in  
> the Veda, The Ritual setting up of the Sacrificial Fires According  
> to the Vādhūla School) at the age of 65. Max and I started our  
> studies together in 1970 with Henk Bodewitz and Jan Heesterman.  
> After temporary jobs at the Kern Institute Max worked for NWO, a  
> Dutch funding organisation, was Dean of the Faculty of Humanities at  
> the Erasmus Universiteit (Rotterdam), was Director of the IIAS in  
> Leiden and Director of the Premium Erasmianum. Soon after his  
> retirement in August last year he was diagnosed long cancer (he had  
> stopped smoking some 40 years ago). In addition to his indological  
> work Max published widely on salamanders. Recently a voluminous  
> standard work on salamanders by him has appeared. His work on a book  
> on salamaders in art was interrupted by his death.
> Herman
> Herman Tieken
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> 2515 BP Den Haag
> The Netherlands
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