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Dear Friends,

I'm writing a book chapter about the anthropology of tourism and
embodiment. I have decided to include various 'yogic' perspectives. I am
considering how to include classical ideas like *pañcakośa* concept with
contemporary practitioner-based ideas of embodiment.

I would appreciate any suggestions and specific textual references that
possibly discuss the idea of 'embodiment'. Two that come to mind are
*vedamūrti* and *śāntamūrti*. Another is *samādhivigraha*, however, I do
not as yet have any textual sources for this term.

I am curious to know about the first attested mention of the *pañcakośa*? I
am reading through the *pañcadaśī* text, which I have found mention in
secondary literature was maybe written in the 14th century. Although my
assumption is that the *pañcakośa* concept appears earlier than that.

Thanks in advance.

All the best,

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