[INDOLOGY] Mahōtpalā in Kamalākṣa according to the Matsyapurāṇa

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Dear indologists,

I was reading the 13th chapter of the *Matsyapurā**ṇa *where is shortly
described the *dak**ṣayajna *episode. Although there is no reference to the
dismemberment of the goddess Sati, there is a list of 108 places where she
says to reside.

One of these sacred place is Kamalā in Kamalalāya.

D.C. Sircar (1948) in his study on the *sākta pitha*s identified Kamalā
with Kubjika, and he identifies Kamalalāya with: Nila, Prāṇa (Kamalākṣi,

However going on in the *Matsyapurā**ṇa*'s list I noticed this place "Mahō
tpalā in Kamalākṣa".

So, I would like to understand if Kamalākṣa is identified with Nila(cala?)
or with his presiding goddess, the Mahōtpalā could be another temple on the

Anyone can suggest something? Maybe, am I in very wrong way about Mahōtpalā?


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