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They are mentioned in the Vivekachudamani ascribed to Adi Shankaracharya.

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Dear Friends, 
I'm writing a book chapter about the anthropology of tourism and embodiment. I have decided to include various 'yogic' perspectives. I am considering how to include classical ideas like pañcakośa concept with contemporary practitioner-based ideas of embodiment. 
I would appreciate any suggestions and specific textual references that possibly discuss the idea of 'embodiment'. Two that come to mind are vedamūrti and śāntamūrti. Another is samādhivigraha, however, I do not as yet have any textual sources for this term. 
I am curious to know about the first attested mention of the pañcakośa? I am reading through the pañcadaśī text, which I have found mention in secondary literature was maybe written in the 14th century. Although my assumption is that the pañcakośa concept appears earlier than that.  
Thanks in advance. 

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