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> Dear All,
> Should I understand that there are no traces, no mentions of sexual
> harrasment in the entire - vast - corpus of ancient/medieval Indian
> literature?
A search for *rape* as the Text Word in the Puranic Encylopedia under
shows up the following:

Rape of Rambhā by Rāvaṇa (VR, UK).
Rape [sic] of Vedavatī by Rāvaṇa (VR, UK). In the VR, it is harassment but
not rape. Probably the rape is described in some other R.
Rape of Madanamañjarī by Rāvaṇa (source?)
Rape of Cañcalākṣī by Rāvaṇa (KambaR)
Rape of Arā, daughter of Śukra, by Daṇḍa (VR UK)
Rape of Ugrasena's wife by the *Gandharva* Dramila (SB, 10th Canto)
Attempt to rape Vinayavatī by Raṅgamālī (Kathāsaritsāgara)
Attempt to rape Pramati by Nala, friend of Sudeva (Mārkaṇḍeya Purāṇa)

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