[INDOLOGY] Sexual Harassment

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And how about Draupadī in the Sabhāparvan? She would be raped if she was
not saved by Kṛṣṇa.



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2016-10-17 20:08 GMT+02:00 Nityanand Misra <nmisra at gmail.com>:

> On 17 October 2016 at 22:48, Artur Karp <karp at uw.edu.pl> wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> Should I understand that there are no traces, no mentions of sexual
>> harrasment in the entire - vast - corpus of ancient/medieval Indian
>> literature?
> A search for *rape* as the Text Word in the Puranic Encylopedia under
> http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/PEScan/
> 2014/web/webtc2/index.php shows up the following:
> Rape of Rambhā by Rāvaṇa (VR, UK).
> Rape [sic] of Vedavatī by Rāvaṇa (VR, UK). In the VR, it is harassment but
> not rape. Probably the rape is described in some other R.
> Rape of Madanamañjarī by Rāvaṇa (source?)
> Rape of Cañcalākṣī by Rāvaṇa (KambaR)
> Rape of Arā, daughter of Śukra, by Daṇḍa (VR UK)
> Rape of Ugrasena's wife by the *Gandharva* Dramila (SB, 10th Canto)
> Attempt to rape Vinayavatī by Raṅgamālī (Kathāsaritsāgara)
> Attempt to rape Pramati by Nala, friend of Sudeva (Mārkaṇḍeya Purāṇa)
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