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> I am very sorry, but I don't quite understand under what entry of yaṣṭi
> Boehtlingk would indicate any such meanings as sacrifice or sacrificing?
> He carefully distinguishes yaṣṭi (1) from yaṣṭi (2). He indicates meanings
> for yaṣṭi (1) (the flagstaff semantics), but circumspectively avoids to
> assign a meaning to yaṣṭi (2), as he considers the latter a mere (scribal
> or printing or transmissional) error for iṣṭi. As a wrong word formation /
> wrong reading, it is not supposed to connote a reliable meaning. Therefore
> he avoided to give one.
*PW: f. nom. act. von 1. yaj P. 3,3,110, Sch. wohl fehlerhaft für iṣṭi. *
*pw: f. nom. act. von 1. yaj. Richtig iṣṭi. *

Does *f. nom. act. von 1. yaj* (saying that a word is an abstract noun from
a specific root) not indicate/suggest a meaning? If it did not hint at the
meaning of *sacrificing/sacrifice*, how did the Monier-Williams dictionary
entries, supposedly based on the above entries, end up as the following?
Did M-W get the meaning from another source?

*MW: sacrificing, (perhaps incorrect for 3. ishṭi.)*
*mw: sacrificing, Pāṇ. iii. 3, 110, Sch. (prob. w. r. for ishṭi)*

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