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Dear All,

There still are a number of slots open for this year’s Sanskrit Summer School. 
Registration is open until May 15, after that only with a (relatively small) extra fee.

Background: two of our best PhDs over the past 25 years have emerged from this course! 
You will earn a one year credit in these fast-paced classes, during nearly eight intense weeks. 
As time allows, the cultural background of the sentences/stories we read will be provided.

The course prepares you for the (initial) use of Sanskrit in conversation with Pandits, for further reading and graduate research about Hindu & Buddhist Nepal and India. 

Spend your summer in leafy Harvard Yard and enjoy the July 4th concert & fireworks across the river in Boston!

Colleagues, please let your students and others interested know!

Michael WItzel

Dear All,

Just as for the past 25 years, we will offer a course "Beginning Sanskrit" in the Harvard Summer School:

Seven-week session: June 18–August 6, 2016 (exam on August 12). 

<http://www.summer.harvard.edu/courses/beginning-sanskrit/32541 <http://www.summer.harvard.edu/courses/beginning-sanskrit/32541>>

Please let your colleagues and students know…

Michael Witzel

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