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Unlike Monier-Williams, who has plundered the wealth of Boehtlingk’s (&
Roth’s) PW without proper acknowledgment of the materials on which he had
based his structural rearrangement in the English language, the latter *do
acknowledge all* of their sources and frequently quote them verbatim *in
extenso* – whence it is called „Großes (big) PW“ [1853–75]: more quotes,
less entries compared to „Kleines (little) pw“ [1879–89]: little or no
verbatim quotes, but considerably more entries.

Using pw along with Richard Schmidt’s Supplement („Nachträge“) [1928] and
Apte's Dictionary (which is truly independent) will yield a maximum of
reliable results.

In the present case the sources of PW/pw were classical Sanskrit
lexicographers, in one case the comparatively late Śabdakalpadruma.

> Are all or some of these 7 words in  Sabdakalpadruma and the Vacaspatyam?

The question can best be answered by consulting PW directly (sources
highlighted in red colour):

kṣaudraja – (kṣaudra *Honig* + ja)  n.  *Wachs*  Râǵan. im Çkdr. (PW)

kṣaudrajā – f. Honigzucker Rājan. 14,133. (pw)

nihiṃsana – (von hiṁs mit ni)  n.  *das Morden*  Ak. 2, 8, 2, 81. (PW [+pw])

nītighoṣa – (nī° + ghoṣa)  m.  N. des Wagens des Bṛhaspati  Trik. 2, 8, 48.
(PW [+pw])

nīcabhojya – (nīca + bho°)  m.  *Zwiebel (die Nahrung gemeiner Leute*)
Çabdaḱ. im Çkdr. (PW [+pw])

> rohaṇadruma were in MW but not PW or pw

This is wrong, for it is indeed recorded in PW/pw:

rohaṇadruma – m.  *Sandelbaum*  H. 641. Halâj. 2, 389. (PW [+pw])

> aṁsemūla

This again is inaccurate, first, because the correct entry in MW is
aṃsamūla (not aṃsamūle), and second, because pw has registered it as a
matter of fact (n. Schulterhöhe Rājan.)

I suggest to study first of all the introductions to the works of
Boehtlingk & Roth to form oneself an idea of what exact methods in Sanskrit
lexicography they had employed and who actually had contributed to their
Herculean task.


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2016-05-01 1:37 GMT+02:00 Harry Spier <hspier.muktabodha at gmail.com>:

> On Sat, Apr 30, 2016 at 3:22 PM, Matthew Kapstein <mkapstei at uchicago.edu>
> wrote:
>> The conversation seems to have forgotten entirely the role of the great
>> Skt.-Skt. dictionaries
>> of the 19th c., the Sabdakalpadruma and the Vacaspatyam (sorry that I
>> have no diacriticals
>> at the moment).
> In Monier Williams introductory material under abbreviations he has:
> " L.  lexicographers (i.e. a word or meaning which although given in the
> native lexicons, has not yet been met with in any published text. ".
> Over the years I've looked up a lot of words from the tantric literature
> in M-W and many times found the entry had this "L." reference.
> Also as an experiment I just did a random search for a few entries in a
> text version of M-W's for this L. reference just to see if they were also
> in Boehtlink-Roth.  Of the seven random entries with the "L." reference
> that  I picked ,two were in MW but not in either pw or PW.  and 5 were in
> both MW and PW
> aṁsemūla rohaṇadruma were in MW but not PW or pw
> aṁhripa, kṣaudrajā, nihiṁsana, nītighoṣa, nīcabhojya were in MW and PW
> Are all or some of these 7 words in  Sabdakalpadruma and the Vacaspatyam ?
> Harry Spier
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