[INDOLOGY] A tool to fiddle with Ashtadhyayi

dhaval patel drdhaval2785 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 16 13:06:36 UTC 2016

Respected sir,
Thank you for your feedback.
There were two coding errors in the segment you tested.
1. When adding the upasarga to the verb form, it had set $pada to 'pada'
from 'pratyaya'. That is why there was wrong application of 'jhalAM
2. There was a space left in between wrongly which prevented application of
'iko yaNaci' to generate 'vya....'.

Both the errors have been corrected in this commit -
The issue discussion was lodged at -

The code on live server is updated for the correction now. Press F5 to
remove any old cache.
(N.B. Now there is an option to derive Nijanta forms too - in beta mode for

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