[INDOLOGY] A tool to fiddle with Ashtadhyayi

Malhar Arvind Kulkarni malhar at iitb.ac.in
Wed Mar 16 12:07:09 UTC 2016

Dear Sir,

I tried to use your system and have one clarification to seek.

With your drop down options I selected वि and अनुरुध्
and लँट् and asked the system to generate the forms. First I
wanted to see the correct form being generated. Then I wanted to check the
"tool by which a student can visualize what effect would occur if a
particular sUtra didn't exist in Panini's grammar." So I did not mention
the sutra which the system should consider non-existent in Panini's

When I clicked with the input mentioned above and was going through the
steps of derivation, I found some steps (quoted below) which generate a
different  form than one would otherwise expect. I mean 8.2.39 does not
get applied where your system applies it.

"1 - वि+अनुरुध्+य+ते
By jhalāṃ jaśo'nte (8.2.39) :
झलां जशोऽन्ते (८.२.३९) :
1 - वि+अनुरुद्+य+ते
Final forms are :
आखिरी रूप हैं :
1 - वि अनुरुद्य ते "

I request you to check why this happens and please let me know.

with regards.
Malhar Kulkarni.

> == Sorry for cross posting ==
> Respected scholars,
> We have been working with Sanskrit verb form derivation computationally.
> As a by-product of that work, we have developed a tool by which a student
> can visualize what effect would occur if a particular sUtra didn't exist
> in
> Panini's grammar.
> We think it would be of interest to some of you.
> Web page -
> http://www.sanskritworld.in/sanskrittool/SanskritVerb/tiGanta.html
> Example:
> [image: Inline image 1]
> Execution of code would go on as if sUtra number 8.3.15
> (खरवसानयोर्विसर्जनीयः) didn't
> exist in Paninian grammar and give the forms
> without this rule. This way we would be able to visualize the effect of
> absence of rule 8.3.15 on Paninian grammar.
> In the present case, it would be as follows
> [image: Inline image 2]
> N.B. -
> 1. You can silent multiple sUtras by passing a comma separated value e.g.
> 8.3.15,1.3.9
> 2. In future, we plan to generalize the tool so that the computer would
> list the rules barred by absence of a given rule and rules which apply
> additionally in absence of a given rule.
> Project code -
> https://github.com/drdhaval2785/sanskritverb
> Best wishes,
> --
> Dr. Dhaval Patel, I.A.S
> Collector and District Magistrate, Anand
> www.sanskritworld.in
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