Re: [INDOLOGY] Example(s) of ‘ṣr/ष्र्’

Kevin M. Ryan kevinryan at
Thu Mar 10 13:42:14 UTC 2016

Dear Nityanand,

Here are a few items I found in the GRETIL corpus:

ajuṣran (RV 1.71.1c)
pariṣritaḥ (3x), pariṣrayati (1x), miṣram (Śatapatha Brāhmaṇa)
zuṣrūṣamāṇānām (Bhāgavata Purāṇa 1.1.13)

It could also in principle be found across a word boundary, when a word 
is left to stand with final ṣ (e.g. jyotiṣ rajas, Nirukta).


On 3/10/16 5:07 AM, Nityanand Misra wrote:
> Dear list
> In Ulrich Stiehl’s list of 807 conjuncts attested in Sanskrit, the
> two-consonant conjunct ‘ṣr’ (ष्र्) is listed as the 786th entry (third
> from left in last line of page 4 of the PDF under
> <>).
> I have been unable to trace any word in which this conjunct would occur
> in Sanskrit.
> Prefix and infix expression search on Advanced search on Monier
> Williams, Vācaspatyam, and Śabdakalpadrumaḥ yielded no result (except
> for क्ष्रौम् in M-W which has the three-syllable conjunct kṣr)
> Does anybody know of an example of a word or verse/sentence in which the
> usage of this conjunct is attested?
> Thanks, Nityanand
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