[INDOLOGY] Example(s) of ‘ṣr/ष्र्’

Nityanand Misra nmisra at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 10:07:57 UTC 2016

Dear list

In Ulrich Stiehl’s list of 807 conjuncts attested in Sanskrit, the
two-consonant conjunct ‘ṣr’ (ष्र्) is listed as the 786th entry (third from
left in last line of page 4 of the PDF under

I have been unable to trace any word in which this conjunct would occur in

Prefix and infix expression search on Advanced search on Monier Williams,
Vācaspatyam, and Śabdakalpadrumaḥ yielded no result (except for क्ष्रौम् in
M-W which has the three-syllable conjunct kṣr)

Does anybody know of an example of a word or verse/sentence in which the
usage of this conjunct is attested?

Thanks, Nityanand

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