[INDOLOGY] More fun with Pune

Madhav Deshpande mmdesh at umich.edu
Sun Jun 19 05:10:45 UTC 2016

More fun with Pune:

गल्लीभूषण कुक्कुरोत्तम वृथा मात्माभिमानं कुरु ।
सर्वे पुण्यनिवासिनो निजगृहे गर्जन्ति सिंहा इव ।।
नान्यो मत्सदृशोऽस्ति कश्चन पुरे प्राज्ञोऽहमेवात्र भो:
इत्थं गर्जनकर्कशे पुरवरे कस्ते गिर: श्रोष्यति ।।

"Hey Best among Dogs, the ornament to your lane, don't unnecessarily feel
proud about yourself. All residents of Pune roar like lions at home. "No
one is like me in this city, and I am alone the learned." In this great
city with such loud roars, who is going to listen to you?"

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