[INDOLOGY] The worry of a Pune mother: My Sanskrit verse

Madhav Deshpande mmdesh at umich.edu
Sun Jun 19 01:35:19 UTC 2016

The worry of a Pune mother in my Sanskrit verse:

बालो यद्यपि मे सुहास्यवदनश्चिन्ता तु मां बाधते ।
आइ आईति स वक्ति मां, न तु पुनर्जानाति ए-बी-सि-डीम् ।।
आङ्ग्ली यस्य न गर्भत: सुविदिता, किं तस्य भाग्यं भुवि
न स्यात् सङ्गणक:, कुत: सुधनता, भार्यां कुतो लप्स्यते ।।

"Though this boy of mine has a smiling face, I am still worried. He calls
me A-I A-I (mother in Marathi), but he does not yet know A-B-C-D. What is
the fortune of someone in this world who does not know English from his
state of embryo. There will be no computer, no good money, and how will he
get a wife."

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