[INDOLOGY] Mind and moon

Martin Gansten martin.gansten at pbhome.se
Thu Jul 28 08:07:47 UTC 2016


Valerie Roebuck wrote: 

> I think it's meant to be a bit more
profound than a verbal similarity - though of course these were widely
thought not to be merely coincidental. We find the same correspondence
in astrological texts, too, [...]

That was my first thought, too. We
should remember, though, that the astrological correspondence between
the moon and mind does not originate in India but is present already in
the early Greek astrological corpus. IF this should turn out to be a
Greek contribution to the astral lore taken over from Mesopotamia and
Egypt, we could be looking at a very ancient Indo-European idea
(reflected in, or possibly springing from, the verbal similarity in PIE)
-- but I am no expert in Mesopotamian astrology, and it might well be
that the moon-mind connection was already present in that culture, in
which case we are either dealing with a coincident or with something
profoundly archetypal, in a Jungian sense. Perhaps the moon really is
the mind of Cosmic Man? :-) 

Martin Gansten 


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