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Dear Akalendu Das,

The Vijñapti-mātratā-siddhi was written by Vasubandhu. There are two short
texts by him with this title. One is the Vijñapti-mātratā-siddhi Viṃśikā,
in twenty verses, and one is the Vijñapti-mātratā-siddhi Triṃśikā, in
thirty verses. Hsüan-tsang (Wade-Giles system) or Xuanzang (pinyin system)
wrote a commentary on the Vijñapti-mātratā-siddhi Triṃśikā in Chinese, in
which he synthesized several Indian commentaries. So this commentary is
mostly translations from the various Sanskrit commentaries, put together by
Xuanzang. It favors the commentary by Dharmapāla. Xuanzang's teacher in
India, Śīlabhadra, had been a pupil of Dharmapāla. Xuanzang's Vijñapti-mā
tratā-siddhi translation/commentary became the basis of the Yogācāra school
of Buddhism in China. Because of its importance, it was chosen by Louis de
la Vallée Poussin to translate into French.

Best regards,

David Reigle
Colorado, U.S.A.

On Wed, Jan 20, 2016 at 1:31 AM, alakendu das <
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> To All,
> I am in a little bit of fix over the point that who actually wrote the
> Vigynbadi Buddhist Book 'Bignyapti Matra Siddhi. In a book wriiten by
> Dr.D.P.Chattopadhay ( I can't recall the name right now) ,it is stated thar
> BasuBandhu wrote Bignyapti Matra Siddhi -4th C.E.. While in another book
> entitled Bauddha Dharma o Sahitya ( Publisher-Mahabodhi Book Agency) by Sri
> P.C Bagchi , Hiuen-tsang , who studied Buddhism under ShilaVadra at Nalanda
> wrote the book Bigynpti -Matra Siddhi in Chinese ( which was later
> translated in French). It is well known Hiuen-Tsang came to India in 7th
> C.E. Who actually wrote Vignyapti -Matra Siddhi.
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